Manage your collection on the go

The MTG Card Scanning App is an Android only (Currently) application being developed solely by Joshua. With the App users are able to scan any Magic the Gathering card and are able to get information on the card including sale prices and legality in different formats. In addition to this users are able to store found cards into sets and view them at a later date. Users can then get information about their decks as a whole similar to those of singular cards. Users can also do a normal search via text and add or view cards in that manner too.

MagicScanner is now available via the Google Play store in an early beta stage. Currently the application is able to scan and detect images from the Khans of Tarkir, Fate Reforged and Origins card sets. In addition to the image detection component users of the application are able to pull up information on virtually any MTG card in existence from Alpha release up to the latest Origins release. Information on cards is currently limited to pricing information from and the cards image. Set legality information is currently planned in the next release. Suggestions for the kind of information that people want to see is encouraged and any such suggestions should be sent to Joshua's email at the bottom of the page. This loading is handled via JSON data obtained from

Development on the MTG App begun at the start of 2015 and is currently ongoing. Once the app has managed to achieve the feature set that has been planned, it is our intention to begin working on an iOS version of the Application. As previously mentioned above our intentions are for this app are to allow users to quickly and easily discover the value of cards they may be looking at or own. In addition to this we would like users to be able to keep track of their cards whether that be on a set wide basis or split up into different decks they may have.

Further information on this application will be forthcoming in the next couple months. If you have any questions about the Application or wish to know how the progress of it is going then you can do so by emaling Joshua on the email below.