Get your pie back!

A University Game project created by Joshua along with two other people external to XWire Studios Jake Bentvelzen and Christopher Sos. You play as a blind man living in a forest whose Pie has been taken by the Government. You have one goal, go get it back. Using his nearly endless supply of Molotovs, Liquid Nitrogen and Fans travel through the forest all the way to the city to reclaim the stolen pie.

In PiCrisis you do not control the character directly instead controlling the placement of his various items as he makes his way through the level. Due to the fact that he is blind, the character will always walk forward and is prone to running into enemies and obstacles. As the player you must make use of Molotov Cocktails, Canisters of Liquid Nitrogen and large Fans in order to help the character make his way through the level. On the way you will encounter evil Monkeys, Kangaroos (All Kangaroos are evil ask any Australian) and Government Agents along with a variety of environmental objects.

PiCrisis was created in the LibGDX game engine targetted for release on both Mobile and PC Platforms. Work commenced on PiCrisis at the beginning of 2013 and was unfortunately halted December 2013. Although the game has never formally been released a prototype with 19 levels is available upon request for anyone interested in having a look at the game. Please contact Joshua at the email address at the bottom of the page if you wish to view the prototype for PieCrisis.